My Italy Essentials

Bella Italia!

Wow what an amazing trip we had 2 weeks through Italy. here I show you a little bit of my suitcase, my holiday-in-Italy-recommendations. ❤


to give any outfit a bit of style-kick!


Red nail polish in Italy! Such a must, so summerie and so classy.


You love Italy, the landscape the shopping, the people, mh-mhh, HELLO?! THE FOOD. Make sure you eat right my child, pizza, pasta, gelato -Mamma Mia! Get all the best tips with this little read about how to order, buy and understand italian food and menu.


a because it’s Moschino and you’re in Italy and b on holiday and c -it’s just a really fun phone case that brings a great pop of colour for any outfit you’re wearing.


This is my holiday everyday make up treatment. It’s got a bit of color in already and acts as your sunscreen at the same time. A great option to not clog your skin too much when you’re on Holiday.


A really cute and simple clutch, big enough for during the day and just sweet enough for a casual dinner in the harbour with a nice dress. (and only 30Euros!)


Italy is basically made from cobble stones! An absolute nightmare for high heels. This is the perfect solution, a romantic lace-up flat, looking a little bit more elegant than usual because of its pointed nose. 🙂 Easy to combine and walk in.


I absolutely love this dress. It can be an easy daywear or a cute dinner date dress. check out my post Midnight Gelato in Florence to see how I wore it.


If you go to Italy something sweet is a must and if you can combine it with Gabbana, even better. The typical cat eye shades that work with almost any outfit and will protect your eyesies from the mediterranean sunshine. ❤


something striped just had to come in! I love this top, so easy to combine and perfect for a more casual cooler summerveening in tuscany or on the harbour of Cinque terre for a Spaghetti Vongole.


When you’re going near the cost an espadrille is probably the most comfortable choice there is. Be it laced-up -even cuter!

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