Welcome to Berlin

Hi Hi Hi!  It’s been way too long now and back we are again, sending love from Berlin! ❤

A beautiful city with amazing people, inspirations and places to go. A million little cafés, that tend to have a choice of either organic or soy milk, gluten free or vegan whatever-cakes… Hundreds of little charming boutiques, that tend to specialise in vintage clothing.

This outfit is one of my favourite Sunday-comfy-stroll-around combinations.

Enjoy & see you next Sunday!

Keep it speckled, X, Evelyne









Photography by Sofia Oskman

I Was Wearing

Blous&Trousers Zara

Sunglasses Parfois

Slippers Asos

Bag Vintage

Ring Pomellato

3 thoughts

  1. Beautiful in Berlin! I like the few, the simple, the proud stipes in the top together with the sweat-style pants. The combo makes a classy, casual style. Kudos to Ms Oskman on the photos!


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