Haglöfs 1/3

Get ready for a week full of outdoors! I am going to show off Haglöfs‘ amazing outdoor wear for any type of adventure you have been planning! Be it an amazing hike, a day full of snow or a casual day in the mountains. With a stunning range of colours and designs you’ll be even more convinced about that mountain track than ever before! Starting to hike up a mountain is an experience in Switzerland, -beautiful. Going through snow, mud, ice and then you finally reach the top. Take off your thermo jacket that weighs about a gram from Haglöfs, take a deep breath of that fresh cristalizing mountain air, let the bright sun tickle your face and then that big wave of excitement overcomes you, -top of the world! 😀

Expect another portion of Haglöfs on Wednesday, until then, keep it speckled, X, Evelyne










I Was Wearing

Complete Outfit by Haglöfs

Swiss purchase available here

International purchase available here

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