m a g e n t a

Pink, pink, pink! An easy-chic outfit today in a bright magenta from Angel to you! I love this part of London where you walk by a row of houses but every single one’s got a door with a different colour! A great little pop of colour on a boring Sunday, add your favourite sweater. -tadaaa!

See you next Sunday, keep it speckled, X Evelyne

2014-12-07_Evelyne-11 2014-12-07_Evelyne-13 2014-12-07_Evelyne-15-2 2014-12-07_Evelyne-2 2014-12-07_Evelyne-3 2014-12-07_Evelyne-4 2014-12-07_Evelyne-6 2014-12-07_Evelyne-7 2014-12-07_Evelyne-8 2014-12-07_Evelyne-9

Photography by Ciàran Christopher

I Was Wearing

Trousers Zara

Shoes Dune

Sweater Massimo Dutti

Coat Asos

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