e s c o r p i o n

You know these lame Sundays that turn into unexpected great days? Speaking of things turning into unexpected greatnes, -remember these old pullovers that our dads used to wear in the 1990’s? Well, this surprise today in my outfit. Find this stylish & refreshing  piece from Escorpion. A super fashionable and elegant fashion label set in Barcelona, teaching us all a fabulous lesson in style and quality clothing. Here is my outfit with the biggest pair of jeans in the world, cutest bag available in Camden town and scorpion’s sweater to top it off with.




Thank you to Ciàran Christopher for beautiful photography.

I Was Wearing

Sweater Escorpion

Sunglasses Spektre

Bag vintage

Trousers Tommy Hilfiger

Coat M&S

Shoes Passo Per Passo

9 thoughts

  1. You’re gorgeous! I think I say that a lot, but you really are! I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT SWEATER. Oh my God, I’ve got to have one. Mmm… this is just… This outfit = perfection.

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