t r a n s i t i o n

A very quick one today from me and Nelson! Right, so let’s face it: summer is over, if summer has actually ever evan arrived. So here is a first little transition look from summer to autumn from TBS.  More next Sunday!

I hope you enjoy, keep it speckled, X, Evelyne

Ps. We’re always on the look for amateur photographers in London, drop me an e-mail under evelyne@thebubblyspeckle.com



I Was Wearing

Skirt Zara

Shades Asos

Sweater Repeat

Sneakers Onitsuka Tiger

Thank you to my Mother for photography during an awful weather.


3 thoughts

  1. The gray sweater and sneakers with the straight black skirt look great on you. Love the sunglasses as usual, and Nelson looks like he’s a sweetheart. Your mom is a great photographer. Does she have a blog or online gallery of photos?


  2. I just came across your page today and absolutely adore it! Your style is on point. I’m definitely a new fan! Will be continuing visiting your site pretty often.


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