f a c i l e

So everyone knows these lazy Sundays… Worst TV ever, dvd marathons, awfully delicious food that makes you gain 2 kilos at least per second and a needy household that is screaming of tidying. SO there is nothing left to do than either repeating Gossip Girl for the 5th time or Friends, or An Idiot Abroad, or Desperate Housewives and you’re pissed off with Grey’s Anatomy because MCDreamy still hasn’t managed to start the 11th Season. And going to the gym, trying out that new green healthy smoothie and calling your relatives has just not appealed to you as much than watching Chuck Bass’ Boe ties combinations.
Also, obviously, there is nothing to wear! Because you’ve been trying to ignore the fact that mount’washing is growing by a hundred meters each day, until you see your closet is empty and all is left, is just the everyday shirt and the fancy pants you hardly ever wear and especially not on a Sunday.
Hold on, well, why not? So here is my facile (easy) Sunday outfit, no difficulties, just your most comfortable items, packed to one, looking chic and relaxed for Joey Tribiani!

See you next Sunday, keep it speckled, X, Evelyne


Photography by Alexandra Graf

I Was Wearing

Pants Mango
Top Jules
Slippers Office
iPhone Case <a href=”http://cliqueshops.com”>Clique</a&gt;
Bag Proenza Schouler PS11

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