c o u r t

Have you ever looked through your dad’s closet and came to the conclusion: ,,daaamn! Daddy must have been such a cool guy!” This morning I was looking for a big sweater and found this dartmouth one. Wow dad! This is a sporty and fresh outfit you can restyle and wear for different occasions depending on your shoe choice.

See you next Sunday, keep ti speckled, X, Evelyne


I Was Wearing

Dress Massimo Dutti

Sweater Dartmouth

Shoes Steve Madden

Bag Joseph

iPhone Cover Clique

Photography by Alexandra Graf

5 thoughts

  1. Another really cute outfit, that you look smashing in. Ms Graf has produced another incredible set of photos. My daughter is 6 feet tall, so she basically wears the same sized men’s clothes as I do; therefore, she and my wife consider all my clothes fair game, especially cycling shorts and jerseys, karate gi’s and anything that seem practical. She most recently pilfered my sunblock garden shirt. It’s quite fashionable with zippered sides that open to a cooling mesh, lots for pockets for gardening necessities (including pocked for phone/iPod) and a flip up collar to protect the back of your neck.

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