s t r a t e c h i c

You know these old Zara dresses you’ve got lying around in your closet when you were like 16 and the whole colourblock was rocking fashions sky?! …And you never really got round to wearing them again? ,,Ugh the cut is so out.. mheee, it’s become to short now…’’ etc. How about taking all of them together and wear them at once?! Being strategic and chic at the same time! That’s what I’ve done now on this Sunday post, and I will for sure bring them to a seamstress to sow it into one dress. How fun is that?!

See you next Sunday,

Keep it speckled, X, Evelyne

Ps. We are still looking for a new amateur photographer based in London!
E-mail at evelyne@thebubblyspeckle.com



handbag basketballIMG_1223IMG_1216IMG_1338IMG_1229IMG_1232IMG_1220IMG_1301

Photography Alexandra Graf

I Was Wearing

White Cos
Purple Zara
Red Zara

Bag Joseph

Iphone case Clique

Sunglasses Spektre

3 thoughts

  1. I don’t have any old Zara dresses in my closet (I have no dresses on my side of the closet), and I don’t think I would look very chic in one or three Zara dresses, but you, on the other hand, put together one great looking dress. I love the shots of the purse toss at the basketball goal — brilliant — you are adorable it action. Ms. Graf’s photos are fantastic, and you are gorgeous as always.

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