b l a n c o v e r d e

You know that kind of dress you put on and it’s just perfect, and no matter how much it costs, you just know this is the dress you’ll be wearing as a secret innocent weapon through the whole summer..?! It’s that kind of dress that is so beautiful because of its simplicity and innovation at the same time. Velvet, white, simple. Yes there is such thing on earth, thank you god. And thank you for Lena Ivanova! And what better than to pair it with whites, a fresh green smoothie, huge shades and an evan bigger smile on your face, for a perfect start of Summer?!

Besides the ,,youwzah” effect of the perfect little white dress.
Just wanted to mention my dearest friend Alexandra, who shooted this outfit with me whilst she was super ill, now, how amazingly talented is she?!
Which leads me to a next point, as I will be moving to London in September, TBS is looking for a new photographer based in London to work on a regular weekly base for fun and creativity, so if you know anyone or hear anything give us a shout, e-mail to evelyne@thebubblyspeckle.com . Thanks!

Until then, see you next Sunday,

keep it speckled, X, Evelyne



IMG_0981IMG_1000 IMG_1006 IMG_1013 IMG_1048



I Was Wearing

Dress Ivanova

iPhone Case Clique

Photography Alexandra Graf

5 thoughts

  1. That is a darling dress, and you look stunning in it. The sun glasses are way cool as always, and the silver shoes are marvelous. Alexandra’s photos are fantastic.

    I’ll inquire within my network of virtual photographers. But I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding a photographer in London — you are very photogenic and a great model by the wonderful photos Ms Graf produces of you. If you ever make it to Albuquerque, I’d love to photograph you in our Southwestern styles.

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