b r a i n – f r e e z e

Three letters, one word and a lot of ice cream. HOT!!!! Holy Mommas, holy Bibles and all, we went from 15° to 33°! Time to bring on the dashing colors and as much ice cream as you can possibly have until your brain freezes…! This look, very easy, all white giving it a young edge with ethnic inspired accessories, mirrored shades and a god-given gift, the best Ice Lolly in the world. Let’s take a minute and thank Mr.Gellato. Hope you like this one, see you next Sunday!

Keep it speckled, X, Evelyne

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I Was Wearing

Vest Mango

Boyfriend Shorts Mango

Clutch Starmela

Espadrilles Manebi

Top Djeeg’n

Sunglasses Ray Ban

iPhone Cover Clique

Necklace Zara

Photography by Alexandra Graf

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