z e b r a

SO if I was in the wildness in Africa, I could be mistaken for a zebra and be killed by a lion, a leopard or a hyena. So what is really important, if you wear this Two-piece by Djeeg’n, is not to wear it when you’re on Safari, getting lost.

ANYWAY, this look, easy and chic can be worn for any occasion -unless you plan to turn up on freaking ball with prince albert or something… As said, wear heels to go out with it, sneakers to keep it casual, maybe loafers for work..? When I saw this two piece online I fell in love with the pattern inspired by african-indonesian culture. Well, let’s clash it with some loved european basics, like the slip-ons and the Céline. I hope you like it, see you next Sunday! Visit The Wild Magazine to read about my crazy affection to blogging and fashion.


Keep it speckled, X, Evelyne



I Was Wearing

Two-Piece Djeeg’n

Bag Céline

iPhone Case by Clique

Slip-ons Jonak

Photography by Alexandra Graf

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