b l u e a l b i n o

Wow it’s been an exciting week! 2 new collaborations, 2 online magazine features (Cosmo&NYmag), 2 Interview requests..! Spreading those wings! So here is my weekly look, I wanted to stay plain white, but couldn’t resist a little denim in there seen as it’s getting warmer and Mr.Denim is back on its way in. Topped off with a few pastels and my favorite iPhone ,,dress” in the snake print. You have an easy look with a chic touch for changing season. So now let’s enjoy the sun, the soft breeze, the staple of magazines, the new shades coming into use and a big glass of cold water with fresh fruit in it. …Or was it called a Mai Thai..? …What, who said that?

Of course only after you’ve found all the easter eggs! Happy Easter!

See you next Sunday, until then,

Keep it speckled, x, Evelyne

Ps. If you like my style, go directly to the bombastic Fashion Forum Stylift and shop straight from my closet recommendations, follow my Trendsetter profile to see what I recommend and buy here . ❤





Denim blouse Massimo Dutti

Slip-Ons Jonak

Trousers Mango

Sunglasses Zara

Pochet H&M

iPhone Cover Clique

Bracelets found and bought somewhere in Thailand

Thank you to Alexandra Graf, my blog shadow & great friend.

Visit her photography blog here


14 thoughts

  1. Your blog/style/look/you ARE AMAZING! Congrats on getting so much PR coverage, that is so awesome. Thanks for following me, I am so honored. 😀 xoxo


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