a r g o n (Ag)

When I frist saw this midi skirt in American Retro, on my parisian shopping marathon, I was hypnotized! Midi, metallic and pleated -3great s/s14 trends combined. Buy! ,,$Kaching!$” Combining this piece with soft colors such as this turquoise-pastellie color and a pop of electric blue. Paris in spring is so wonderful, all of the sudden the people smile at you, you start walking to places or hire a bike instead of taking the metro, you meet new people, have some Rosé outside of the little café bars. Good times. You can check on the Facebook fanpage or on my Instagram what I’ve been up to in Paris..! Other than that, see you next Sunday!

Keep it speckled, X, Evelyne

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Skirt American Retro

Loafers Jonack

T-Shirt Cos

Bag Proenza Schouler

iPad Case Clique available here

Thank you to my wonderful friend, Camilla Moorhead, for photography.


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