Nordbron in Zermatt

This post is about your perfect winter accessories. To keep warm we’d all actually love to just wrap us up in a big fat blanket all winter long. However with that warm classic earflap beanie a couple of scarves and a pair of thick knitted mitts you’ll be just fine in Zermatt. On    a nice stroll in winter through the forest you discover such nice little details that you’d miss if you were to be skiing all week long. The old wooden houses, snow covered trees and icicles hanging down on the side of that white path… This is when I really realize what a beautiful side this season hides from us. Take your boyfriend or your parents or a sibling or your bestie with you on a lovely walk, share some warm tea and good stories for on the way, listen to the snow that crackles under your boots when you walk… Enjoy these very last few cold days in the mountains before we hop in our skirts and shorts. (Can’t wait!) Until then, see you next Sunday!

Keep it speckled, X, Evelyne

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I was wearing

 all Nordbron products available here

Hat Nordbron

Scarves Nordbron

Mitts Nordbron

Sunglasses Oakley

Boots Moon Boots

Jeans Zara

Sweater Comptoir de Cotonniers

Bag Proenza Schouler PS11

Thank you to my wonderful mother, photography and to Nordbron, a fun collaboration!

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