Camden Town My Love

Camden Town, one of my favourite districts in London. As we got off the bus we see the first lunatic standing on the square holding a tennis racket in his hand, hitting a suitcase screaming around etc (maybe you’ve seen my video on Instagram, the funniest guy I’ve ever seen -great show!), the delicious smells of the chinese food stands seducing you into a snack, people walking around with white contact lenses and huge black boots with pink or green hair, the big market where you could probably find literally anything you’d never expected you’d need in your life. Such a free part in London, so many free spirits hanging around, musicians, artists, life strollers… I hope you like this post, see you next Sunday!

Keep it speckled, X, Evelyne




Pullover Maje

Trousers H&M

Bag Sandro

Shoes Vans

Jacket Zara

Sunglasses Asos


Thank you to Alexandra Graf friend&photographer


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