Let’s Twist!

This amazing effect when you twist and the skirt is swinging around with you in that circle, I love it. -Let’s Twist! January is this dull cold, and grey kind of month, and it only gets worse going down towards February and March. -Well, TGI global warming! Warm sunshine that’s slowly glowing through and falling through the grey clouds. The perfect day for a midi skirt! And to keep a little warm just in case, a super warm and soft beanie.

See you next Sunday!

Keep it speckled, X Evelyne

Ps. don’t forget to enter the iStyleSelfie Contest on Instagram to win a fabulous phone case from Clique! Take a selfie, hashtag it with ,,IStyleSelfie” and win it!



Skirt Asos

Leather Jacket Zara

Beanie Nordbron

Sunglasses Asos

iPhone case Clique

Sweater Maison Scotch

High Heels Zara

Bag Sandro

Thank you to Alexandra Graf for these amazing shots follow her photography blog here and to Melis B. for video.

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