Paradiso Moment

Thailand, one of the most beautiful places in our world. And one of the beauty that an Island like Koh Kood in Thailand allows in fashion is to just throw over a loose and airy kaftan over your bikini for the day. You’re dressed. What I love to do most on the beach is drawing, I can’t lay around all day long, I need to do little things to keep me entertained! So discovering beautiful parts of the island and bringing them to paper whilst I can hear the waves braking onto the big formed stones and the wind blowing through the palm leaves, is my ,,Paradiso Moment”. What is yours? I hope you like this post as much as I have enjoyed it.

See you next Sunday!

Keep it speckled, X, Evelyne



Kaftan by Seafolly

Bracelets by H&M and I AM

iphone shell by Clique

Straw Bag (local Island shop in Thailand)

Thank you to my sister and mother for their creative assistance and overwhelming takes on camera!

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