Be Blue, Be Mine.

The beautiful days in December are the rare ones with either white snow and a million christmas lights, or the ones with a warm sun tickling your cheeks who allowed you to wear a hat and a thick pullover without a tons of weight coat. Happy days, lucky day! So, you know these days when you stroll around in your boyfriend’s shirt all morning long? Well, add a bright pullover, a ripped jeans a hat and dress it all up with a pair of high heels and you’re ready to go!
This is one of my personal favorites, I hope you like it too!
Keep it speckled, see you next Sunday (from Thailand), X, Evelyne
 IMG_6511 IMG_6513 IMG_6523 IMG_6611 IMG_6527 IMG_6535 IMG_6524 IMG_6537 IMG_6536 IMG_6543 IMG_6550 IMG_6561 IMG_6569 IMG_6576 IMG_6579 IMG_6604 IMG_6583 IMG_6588 IMG_6597
Thank you to Alexandra Graf, photography, follow her talent in photography on her new blog here 🙂


Jeans Hollister
Hat Barts
iPhone Case Clique
Pullover Sandro
Bag Michael Kors
High Heels Zara
Sunglasses Spektre
Bracelets SYL
Shirt (for Men) Polo by Ralph Lauren

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