Get Cozy With Cyberjammies 1/2

If you haven’t already found the perfect Christmas gift, then you’re in the right place. A beautiful cozy pajama? Or a wonderful stylish iPhone case?When it’s cold outside, the first few snowflakes dance in the air and gently touch your cheeks, it will be Christmas soon. In this time of the year, what better than a cozy soft pajama to dance around in all day long, and evan look cute in a comfy PJ! The fabric of theses PJ’s are incredibly soft  and light, pair them with a sneaky little chocolate or a warming tea and you’re perfectly prepared for the season.

Hope you enjoy this part one post, and will update you again about two other picks I got from Cyberjammie this week!

Keep it speckled, see you soon, X, Evelyne

,,Soul Statement and Pretty Pink”




Complete outfit: Cyberjammies buy your jammie here

iPad&Phone case: Clique wonderful phone, laptop and iPad shells here

Thank you to my wonderful crew. Alexandra Graf, Dan Mangold &ROger Eggenberger for photography, film and entertainment! 🙂

1486679_10152156156421584_821529677_n 1512588_10152156153966584_1176771072_n

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