The days, when you just chill out with your friends, hang around, catch up and feel like time could never escape and you will be young forever. Don’t you love ’em? This time around we shooted with my friend Luca, he is all about the skating scene. I found him very inspiring, because it seems like he’s living his moments whenever he steps on his board. Don’t we all live for one thing where we find our passion and fire in? What’s your flame? On these days, we are glowing, sharing and living that flame. We are incandescent.

Don’t forget to share the bubbles..!

See you next Sunday, keep it speckled, X Evelyne

DSC_0173DSC_0014DSC_0110SONY DSCDSC_0053DSC_0063DSC_0159DSC_0029SONY DSCSONY DSCDSC_0300DSC_0115DSC_0158DSC_0284SONY DSCDSC_0224DSC_0107DSC_0141DSC_0371


Dress Mango

Boots Zara

Bag Sandro

iphone case Clique Royal Rose buy here

Studded leather jacket Zara

Rings Tally Weijl and Ordonné

Thank you to my little crew and friends Dan Mangold photography, Roger Eggenberger filming and to Luca Franzoni a talented skater and poser… 😉


Making of

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