Make a Wish

I have been wanting to do a shooting with the houndstooth pattern for such a long time now and yesterday we spontaneously wrapped it all up within an hour..! The pattern has been around again for the past few colder months, and to keep it’s elegance and chicness, I prefer to combine the pattern with either pastel colors, or completely different with a rockie outfit to create a contrast. I went for pastel colors and what better excuse for wearing pastell colors then ,,matching” it up with macaroons? Yummie. Not only do I like this outfit for what comes with it, but also because it’s actually so comfy and just a ,,I feel good” outfit. Pulling that turtleneck over your head and just leaving the hair in it, is such a cozy one..! So take a moment for yourself, take a breath and make a wish… I hope you like it, we had a lot of fun shooting it, which you will be able to see soon again in a video on Youtube channel The Bubbly Speckle or on the Facebook page..! And please weekly vote for me on Lucky Magazine, right here. Thanks!

See you next Sunday,

keep it speckled, X, Evelyne



Pullover turtleneck Zara

Bag Vintage

iPhone Case Clique buy here

Trousers Zara

Bangles Fossil&Michael Kors

Loafers Cosmo Paris

Coat Zara

Watch Marc Jacobs

Thank you to my talented friend Alexandra Graf for photography.


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