Roller Coasters & Sparkling Lights

You know when the leaves are starting to turn red and the wind is turning cold blowing through our hair, it’s time for Herbstmesse! The one time in the year where Basel gets flooded by roller coasters, screaming voices, the smell of cotton candy in the air and sparkling lights in the sky. A perfect opportunity for a happy outfit with a bit of colour! Strolling hand in hand with your closest sharing some cotton candy or laughing and screaming with your besties on the crazy coasters! Hope you’ll enjoy, see you next Sunday and don’t forget to share the bubbles!

Keep it speckled, x, Evelyne



Sweater The Kooples

Skirt German Princess (I’ts actualy a dress, just wear a sweater over it!)

High Heels Kurt Geiger

Sunglasses Italia Independent

Bag Zara (Stone age)

Bangles Fossil, Michael Kors

iPhone Case Clique Shops buy here

Thank you to Alexandra Graf, my amazing photographer & friend. K’ly xxx


A little video made by Clique:


6 thoughts

  1. Amazing photos!. Very creative and stylish you are so good at choosing places, outfit is fabulous, I have some ideas, will email you today.


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