Summer Goodbye!

The last week of warm sunshine stroking your skin, the soft sound of the chirping crickets in the warm evenings, the soft breeze and the sweet taste of those dark purple cherries. And the last opportunity to wear your favorite summer dress just once more in this year, which for me is my Max Mara dress! Bright blue skies and wide open green summer fields-aahhh we will miss you! Goodbye my sweet summer, I see you in a couple of months again!

Let me know what you think! And follow me!

See you again next Sunday! (In Amsterdam that time!)

Keep it speckled, X Evelyne

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Die letzte Woche mit den letzten warmen Temperaturen ist vorbei gezogen! Die letzte Woche in der die warmen Sonnenstrahlen auf unserer Haut tänzelt, der weiche Klang der zirpenden Grillen an den warmen Abenden, die sanfte kühle  Brise und der süße Geschmack jener dunklen saftigen Kirschen. Und die letzte Gelegenheit, das Lieblings-Sommer- Kleid noch einmal zu tragen, was für mich mein Max Mara Kleid ist! Strahlend blauer Himmel und weite grüne Sommer Felder – aahhh wir werden dich vermissen! Auf wiedersehen geliebter Sommer, wir sehen uns in ein paar Monaten wieder!

Ich freue mich auf eure Kommentare!

Wir sehen uns wieder am kommenden Sonntag! (In Amsterdam diesmal!)

Keep it speckled, X Evelyne





Dress Max Mara

Watch Swatch

Bangles Globus&Hermès

Hair:  ,,World of Hair by Celi”  My Fav. Hairdresser in Basel!

Thank you to Alexandra Graf and Camilla Moorhead for photography, Friends&Summer-lovers


12 thoughts

  1. Wow how amazing we posted the same color combo! Summertime there looks so beautiful, so green grass and so blue sky, if I were you, I’ll be missing it too! We don’t have a clear 4 season weather over here in Ho Chi Minh city, all we’ve got are sunny and rainy season, currently is rainy season but it’s still freaking hot during the day that I refused to go posing outside which I’d love to! Love all your pictures, keep us posted!


    1. haha i know right! coincidence and good taste! ;D
      Oh hey but that’s such a cool city! In Switzerland we have clear 4 seasons, so… best excuses having to buy new wonderful different things for every season!;) Will do! Let’s follow xxx


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